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Friday, January 23, 2009

2nd Int. Workshop on Socio-Technical Congruence May 19th, 2009 at ICSE 2009 Vancouver, Canada

2nd International Workshop on Socio-Technical Congruence

ICSE 2009, May 19, Vancouver, Canada

Following up on last year's success, the second instance of the STC workshop will be held in conjunction with ICSE 2009.


Past research has argued that modular product structures provide the basic mechanisms for managing technical dependencies in software development [1, 7]. However, recent work has shown project coordination is increasingly difficult because of factors such as global distribution of projects, increasing scale as well as the dynamic nature of technical dependencies in software development [c.f. 3].

New and more effective methods to technical coordination are required and socio-technical congruence represents one of the most promising approaches. The intensity of coordination required among teams varies substantially, driven not only the degree of module coupling, but also by factors such as architectural change and nonfunctional requirements. On the other hand, geographic distribution, domain expertise, cultural and language barriers, and many other factors impact teams' ability to coordinate their technical decisions. Congruence is achieved when coordination capabilities match or exceed coordination required. The 2009 instance of the STC workshop will continue fostering a research community in this area as well as focus increased attention on critical topics for advancing our understanding on how to measure socio-technical congruence and assess its implications in software development projects.

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