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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Nursing & Midwifery Council consultation on standards for pre-registration nursing education

This NMC consultation seeks your views on new standards for pre-registration nursing education programmes. These standards set out what nursing students must demonstrate to be fit for practice at the point of registration.

They will be used by Approved Education Institutions (AEIs) and their partners within the UK to design and develop education programmes.

The new standards

The proposed standards have been developed following a review of the existing Standards of proficiency for pre-registration nursing education (NMC 2004) [PDF]. They set out the requirements that all pre-registration nursing education programmes must meet.

They also set out guidance, which should be followed by AEIs and their partners. Finally, they offer advice, providing extra information and context to those who design and develop nurse education programmes.

There are two parts to the standards:

  • Standards for competence the knowledge, skills and attitudes that all graduate nurses need to demonstrate at the point of registration with NMC. Generic competencies need to be met by all nurses. Field competencies relate to the four fields of adult, mental health, learning disabilities and children’s nursing.
  • Standards for education the requirements all pre-registration nursing programmes have to meet, including those relating to the teaching, learning and assessment of nursing students. The standards for education have been developed to ensure students’ competence can be rigorously assessed and demonstrated. The standards must be robust enough to meet public expectations for safe and effective practice.
The standards for pre-registration nursing education will be published in the autumn of 2010. They will replace the existing Standards of proficiency for pre-registration nursing education. New education programmes, designed to meet the new standards, will be introduced from September 2011.

The consultation

This consultation gives us the opportunity to receive your feedback on the proposed new standards. We want to know:
  • how effective you think they will be in enabling programme providers to develop nursing education programmes
  • how they can be enhanced or improved
  • whether you can see any barriers to their successful introduction
  • whether they are clear and easy to use
  • whether we should include anything else and
  • whether they support and promote equality and diversity.
Some of the requirements and guidance in the proposed standards for pre-registration have been carried over from the current Standards of proficiency for pre-registration nursing education (NMC 2004). [PDF]

Most of the questions in this consultation will ask you about information that is new, or where there have been major changes to the existing requirements.

Get involved
Our online survey will run from 29 January to 5pm on 23 April 2010.
Link to survey page.

Attend a question and answer event

During February and March we will host five question and answer events across the UK.

If you are considering taking part in the consultation, this is an opportunity for you to ask NMC professional advisors who have been leading this review any questions you have about particular aspects of the consultation document or the new standards.

The events are designed to support you in completing the online survey - their purpose is not to receive feedback on the new standards.
To find out more go here.

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