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Friday, January 15, 2010

Were you born in 1989? Join the EU "Generation '89" project!

Are you a citizen of Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania or the UK?

Meet people from your generation!
Join the "Generation '89" project!

You have the chance to participate in one of the simultaneous meetings in Brussels, Bucharest, Prague or Warsaw, and to present the Declaration "Generation '89" to EU representatives in Brussels!

Application deadline: 31 January 2010 (10 February for Belgium and Poland)

More info at www.generation89.eu

With the support of the "Citizenship" Programme of the European Union.


The project "Generation 89" proposes to commemorate the fall of the communist systems in the European countries, through the lens of the young people born in 1989. The young people from Czech Republic, Romania, Poland, Belgium, UK, Germany, Hungary, Austria and Bulgaria and have had different historical context in which they lived their lives, and one of the objectives of this project is to bring together these youngsters and to offer a space where they can share experiences and expectations for the future. In order to attain this objective, 4 international meetings will be organised in Prague, Bucharest, Warsaw, and Brussels, where for two days the participants will have a various programme focused on two themes: national past and European future.

The programme will comprise movie screenings and debates on the events from 1989, as their parents' generation lived and storied them, informational session regarding the EU policies in the matter of youth and young professionals, workshops focused in drafting a Declaration upon how they perceive their future in EU, a documentary visit to a local organisation with activity in the field of communist systems studies, sightseeing and international night. A second meeting in Brussels of a delegation of the young representatives will be organised with the EU representatives, in order to present the Declaration "Generation 89" and the young people opinion on the future of Europe and their future as citizens of EU. With the support of the "Citizenship" Programme of the European Union.


Image source: Globe - Europe Registrarism

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