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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Global Pulse 2010 March 29th - 31st #gp2010

I have just registered for:

From March 29th through March 31st you will have the chance to participate in something truly exciting. Inspired by President Obama’s “New Beginnings” speech to Cairo University, the U.S. Government is hosting Global Pulse 2010, an innovative, online brainstorming discussion.

During this unique event, individuals throughout the world will have a chance to participate in and influence a global conversation centered on 10 hot-button social issues facing the global community within the fields of science and technology, entrepreneurship, and human development.


GANM's - Dr. Patricia Abbott will be a featured expert during the event. She will host a discussion on E-Health from 11:00am-noon (eastern time) on March 30, 2010.

Why is Global Pulse 2010 important?

Global Pulse 2010 will offer a unique way for community members to connect and engage, build new relationships and share their ideas on how we can strengthen our global partnerships to better address our shared global challenges.

Global Pulse 2010 is an open forum that will highlight ten broad topics:
  • Empowering Women and Girls
  • Enabling Essential Education
  • Building Stronger Partnerships
  • Exercising Political and Civil Rights
  • Inspiring a New Generation
  • Promoting Global Health
  • Advancing Entrepreneurship, Trade & Economic Opportunity
  • Fostering Science, Technology & Innovation
  • Supporting a Sustainable Planet
  • Pursuing Grand Challenges
How to Register for Global Pulse 2010?

To register please visit:https://www.collaborationjam.com/minijam3/globalpulse2010/registration/
For more information, please visit us at www.GlobalPulse2010.gov

You may also join us on Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, and LinkedIn to stay up to date on key Global Pulse 2010 activities. Stay tuned for more information on Global Pulse 2010!

PLEASE NOTE: We want to hear from your network. If you know of others who would be interested in participating in this event, please feel free to forward this email. As there are a limited number of virtual seats in Global Pulse 2010, we ask that these individuals complete and submit this brief form available at www.GlobalPulse2010.gov/registration Pending the number of available seats, slotted individuals will be notified so that they may then formally register to participate in Global Pulse 2010.

My source:
GANM (Global Alliance for Nursing and Midwifery)

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