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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ensuring You Have Nursing Skills Through 2030 ...

In Computing 20 May 2010 Andrew Charlesworth (p.24-26) writes about a report from Gartner the IT industry advisory group warning of a gap in mainframe skills due to the imminent retirement of experienced IT staff. The report notes:

"Increased focus needs to be to be on the preservation of detailed and specialised expertise that goes well beyond basic knowledge."
Nursing faces its own challenges in terms of skill gaps and loss of skills due to retirement. In contrast to the mainframe IT market the skills needed is in the orchestration of basic nursing care.

This is an ironic state of affairs as there are many forces acting to deprofessionalise nursing. Demographic trends is one. This is happening amid decades of specialisation and the production of - profession establishing - models and theories of nursing (care). Some of these are, however, quite complex and removed from the rudiments and tenets of basic nursing care.

The real irony here though? Well, as the demographic wave washes over many nurses themselves, the care they may subsequently need and receive will - just like mainframe skills - be the harvest from seeds they have also cast, or are sowing right now.

Ensuring You Have Mainframe Skills Through 2020, Gartner, Mike Chuba, Research VP.

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