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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

HEA Mental Health SIG, h2cm & reflection

The HEA mental health SIG presentation yesterday on Hodges' model was very well received. The other sessions were also very interesting and of direct relevance to my role in the care of older adults and mental health. The other sessions were on national dementia strategy and a study of competencies, plus the use of a book club in student learning. I hope other opportunities will arise to spread word of the health career model at other events. The trip (British Museum and an hour in the National Portrait Gallery inc.), networking and dialogue that ensued was very enjoyable. The next meeting will be later in the year and may be in Glasgow, so check their site and I will see if I can post future details on W2tQ.

In addition to the potential of the model being recognised, I also had to defend some points and assumptions that I have carried for a long time:

  • The Care Programme Approach and flexibility of community mental health nurses to employ the model;
  • associating 'audiences' to specific care domains (as per the - dated - introductions to the model - click on the images);
  • the level of the model - the fact it is 'high level'.
I say defend in the sense that I continue to hide behind the slogan: the website and this blog represent a call for research, evidence and verification of the model (I did this yesterday!).

Is my proselytizing virtually, to placement students and at events such as the HEA justified, or the result of over-valued idea? This model definitely has a role to play. It is one of many tools, in a way it is the toolbox.

Browsing the HEA website and other SIGs I found one devoted to reflection. As we wrapped up in the afternoon Charles Kasule (Communications & Resources Officer) brought in an occasional paper produced by the group:

Occasional Paper No 10 (PDF access)
Connecting Reflective Learning, Teaching and Assessment (250KB)
October 2009 by Helen Bulpitt and Mary Deane

This is a brief (pp.76) but very useful introductory reader on reflection. Reflection is central to the creation and application of the health career model being one of the original purposes. My presentation included a 15 minute powerpoint breather when we collectively reflected on dementia care across the model's care (knowledge) domains. I will read OP #10 and share my thoughts here over the coming months. Should anyone be interested in exploring reflection in theory, practice, or both please get in touch. Finally, I am very grateful to Bill Penson the mental health SIG facilitator for the slot and the HEA for making this and other occasional papers freely available. More to follow ...

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