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Sunday, July 18, 2010

iConference 2011

From: Jonathan Grudin
Subject: A personal view on iConference 2011


Please publicize iConference 2011, which will be in Seattle February 8-11 and has a submission deadline of August 30.

I’d like to add special encouragement. Some people including me see this as a possible turning point for the Information Conferences. The “iCaucus” has rapidly expanded to include over 25 schools in Europe, Asia, and North America, but more to the point, this iConference is the first to reach outside that community. It has a large, varied, illustrious conference and program committee, whose members have said they will attend. It was organized further in advance. The next conference, in Toronto, is already being planned as well.

Some people note that it feels like CHI in 1983 or CSCW in 1988, a coalescing and opportunity. It may or may not turn out that way, but an astute student or senior person, while not abandoning CSCW or CHI or other venues, might be well-advised to also participate in an iConference or two. (Starting with this conference, proceedings will be in the ACM Digital Library.) When universities ramp up again, iSchools are likely to be hiring. I’ve expressed my vote of confidence by publishing a short paper that I liked a lot in iConference 2010, despite it not being in the ACM DL.

At the end of a recent NSF sociotechnical research symposium, Geoff Bowker gave a spirited exhortation to participate and form the vanguard of the iConference series. In that spirit, please forward this to people who might be interested, encouraging them to consider submitting and to attending.

Cheers – Jonathan

(full disclosure, I’m co-chairing the conference with Harry Bruce – but the conference and its opportunity was the work of those who came before; Geoff was responding the conference as it already exists)

My source: CI researchers list

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