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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Music Gym - flexes its muscles


My name's Matt, and I'm the Roadshow Coordinator for Decoda with some information which I hope will be of interest to those of you in or around the area of Lancaster and Preston.

Decoda have been successfully running a Music Gym down in Hastings for the past five years, continually developing and refining their techniques and technologies, whilst building a rapport with those who attend week after week. Using an innovative combination of music, images, space and fun the Music Gym provides an effective, flexible platform to engage and entertain people with a variety of complex needs. It’s also a great opportunity for parents, carers and those they care for to meet others from the local area and socialise. Others have described us as:

'fantastic use of colour and music, very interactive and inviting.'

'A really intriguing and dynamic approach'

'An excellent resource – we need more like this.'

'A great range of innovative, creative equipment... lots and lots of fun.'

'... a wonderful innovative idea.'

We have been invited to bring the Music Gym to Lancashire this month, and so we’ll be at the Salt Ayre Sports Center in Lancaster on the 16th and 17th of August, and at the Caritas Deafway home in Preston on the 18th [Deafway, Brockholes Brow, Preston, Lancashire, PR2 5AL].

If you would like to see the gym in action prior to making a decision (Or just see it in action without attending), I see no reason why you would not be allowed to observe any of the sessions we’re holding at the Salt Ayre. I appreciate that it is very difficult to form an opinion of what we do without seeing it in action, and this is a really good chance to do so. The 16th has been set aside for children under 16 years of age, whilst the 17th is for adults. Preston is undecided to be totally honest, we were contacted towards the end of last month, and are in the process of ironing out the final details. One benefit of this is that it’s an ideal date for those individuals who require a less busy venue, as we have not that long to publicise it. It is however a smaller venue than the Salt Ayre, so we may not be able to have our full facilities on offer on that date.

The days have been divided into 5 slots each as follows: 10.00-10.45 11.00-11.45 12.00-12.45 13.00-13.45 14.00-14.45

From our experience in Hastings, I would predict that the 11.00 slot will be the quietest, whilst the 14.00 slot will be the busiest, should that have any bearing in your decision.

In our continuing efforts to bring this to as many people as possible we are offering these places at £7.50 each if booked in advance £10 at the door (carers come free), additionally where this may be helpful, siblings can attend the session for £2.50. This is a great opportunity for people in the local area to get together, try out the facilities and enjoy the real benefits of the Music Gym.

Places can be booked online http://www.decoda.org/node/50 by phone or by post (contact details below).

If you require any more details, or have any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact me roadshow@decoda.org

Many thanks, Matthew Saunders, Roadshow Coordinator

Decoda - a social enterprise benefiting the local community South East Coast Regional winners of the Innovative Health and Social Care Technology Award at the NHS Health & Social Care Awards June 2009

Theaklen House Theaklen Drive St. Leonards on Sea TN38 9AZ Tel: 0845 2938354 websites: www.decoda.org www.musicgym.org www.myspace.com/decodamusicgym www.soundtherapy.org.uk BBC's South East Today film about the Music Gym is at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8j7v7pQ9kYQ

My source:
Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities

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