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Sunday, October 17, 2010

self disclosure: personal distractions & Andrew Marr

Although I've installed, re-installed ... been reading, attended 3 Drupalcons and the monthly NW Drupal Users group in Manchester - Drupal remains a scary character. I am in for the long haul though and the new PC is a great asset. All I need now is a place of my own. It's complicated. There was a question raised on the psychiatric nursing email list about the "Do I?" - "Don't I?" of self disclosure.

As for the "Do I?" - "Don't I?" Drupal - since summer 2008 separation and divorce has been the source of distraction. It still is, with a 'final' hearing to follow in the new year about the 'marital' home. I need the equity: STAT! This protracted delay in resolving matters is not my fault (although there is a counter argument that says the delay spans 24 years3). Such disclosure here may grate with some readers; if so well actually to date I've been re-strained to the point of chronic constipation. Whether a citizen journalist or not I'm pleased to remain an exception to Mr Marr's tirade about bloggers this past week.

As per the first post of 2010 it is now 12 months since I had my first cataract op c/o surgeons Messrs Heaven and in November 2009 Mr Mars at Wigan Infirmary. I'm sending a thank you card now. Now, because the past 12 months have been visually amazing! As each season has come along new sights (no pun intended) and old vistas refreshed have been a great revelation. Things are coming together. Drupal musings 17 to follow soon ...

3The main disclosure here is not about 'self' but about the three amazing individuals that union brought into the world. This 'self' would not want to change that for anything in the world.

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