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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

W2tQ & H2CM: the old site and CSS3 & HTML5

As mentioned before this blog is shifting down a gear or two (besides - less is more).

The effort to engage by providing creative and original content
+ selective announcements will continue and 
many thanks 
to the people who have recently seen fit to contact me
and say they appreciate what is here.
You are welcome!

I need to 'finish' a basic Drupal 6 site, start on h2cm for Drupal 7. This will include tinkering with the old site. Yes, I know.... but it's a good way to learn about CSS3 and HTML5. I've invested a lot in the links pages and Autumn - Winter's the time to try Drupalesence.

So there will be some changes on the old site, content and formatting which may not look 'finished' (there's that word again) or work cross-browser. Thanks for your patience and your visit.

[I know there are 27 posts on the PostRank list, but there's quite an archive now so the top 27 of 700+ is still sorting itself out.]

Drupal musings 19 to follow just after midnight GMT on DrupalCamp Edinburgh ... ;-)

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