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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Old website - home page - musings!

I could strikethrough much of the text here:

Earlier this evening I thought "This could not happen at a better time!" Suddenly - or maybe not if I'd checked before - the New Year emphasised the age of the h2cm homepage. It did look poorly.

On the old PC in 2005 I updated the home page using Fireworks, that was the last front-end revision. When I checked in a couple of browsers the formatting of the graphics for the menus was falling apart. The links still worked, but the main image was out-of-kilter.

I actually thought this was good news.

For a short while I put a note up apologising for the mangled look. Anyway, it works out I messed up the Doctype declaration. It looks OK now and I've taken the opportunity to highlight the Colombia conference.

The trip to South America later this month means that I've pushed a short break back to March. I've not many holidays left, but plan to pack laptop, spend a couple of days walking and with Drupal plus HTML5 and CSS3. I'm really enjoying .NET magazine and should subscribe. In December they featured a CD with CSS3 video training with Think Vitamin. It does give you an appetite to tear stuff down and start again...

Just to mention, the communication - dementia care teaching session went very well. Six people - one general nurse and five health care support workers. They helped me too adding to my notes. I'd left out the impact of dementia on eating and drinking, they needed reminding about swallowing. Lots of discussion and questions.

They appreciated the basic SENDER - channel - RECEIVER communication model (and I didn't mention bits and bytes). I managed to create a feedback form too. This and the slides I'll feed into the training group as collectively we try to identify, source and brand learning materials. Not sure as yet about the personalised care session, I'll ring up tomorrow morning.

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