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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Last days leave of 2010-2011 time for Drupal stuff

After work yesterday I headed off to the NW Drupal meeting in Manchester. I missed February when the group started a site in Drupal 7. Last evening the focus was on Aegir a major Drupal site management tool, plus Drupalcon Chicago, London this summer and the Drupal 7 module pledges. The latter concerns the readiness of modules for this latest version of Drupal.

Last night I also watched half of Dries' keynote from Chicago and the rest this a.m.. It's always fascinating hearing from Dries Drupal's creator about the past 6-12 months and what might follow - plans for Drupal 8. The keynote video carries the song "What have you done today?". In terms of Drupal and making myself feel proud I've still got it to do...

The meeting and keynote with its anthem are a great jump start to a weekend that sees me packing laptop, books, .Net mags and discs - for some CSS3 inspiration and tutorials. I'm off to Keswick tomorrow, just me and myself until Wednesday. Four months late I still have a basic site to finish using Drupal. Then I can focus on the new h2cm site.

I bought my Macbook Pro 15" laptop in September 2008 and I've finally finished the battery. That's not bad going really considering the specific product rating and reviews I've read and it's been used every day. Plugged in too except when I can't get to the 'plug table' in my local pub. Once a month I've let the battery totally exhaust itself and this seems to have helped. The laptop wasn't brand new either, it's a refurb so that's another plus. Now I'm starting on 4:40 which is much better. While he checked inventory and someone brought the new battery through Marcus in the Manchester Apple store delighted in showing me a more recent equivalent. He was quite fascinated with the older model I presented (yes - I do mean the laptop); the ports, battery placement, DVD on the front...

While in Keswick I'll see if I can briefly post about what's happening. I am really looking f/w to it. There'll be time for some walking and running, but the O2 in the fresh air up there must fuel learning and product. I've been itching to do this for a while: time, time to focus. I don't have to do this and yet the expectation I have of myself is heavy. Running MAMP the server is tantamount to writer's block and a blank page. Aarrgh! Since booking the time and accommodation I may have been a bit preoccupied. I suddenly want to get the h2cm site! It will be an experiment. Drupal presents a steep learning curve and the summit is never fixed. I do keep getting a bit further though. So the next few days then it's Drupal 7, Git, CSS3, HTML 5.... The content is there - the text; I've been sitting on that since October, now to put it together.

The Colombia trip has prompted a stream of posts this month with maybe one or two more, but overall the post count here will drop 2011-on-2010 as Drupal takes center stage. Who knows these activities may also be framed and conducted in terms of formal study.

Next month there is the Scottish Ruby Conference to look forward to also. I know that may seem  distracting and confusing and believe me - it is: but there is a connection somewhere I'm sure; plus community, fun and always the journey....

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