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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Survey on the collection and use of nursing informatics at an organisational level

I can hardly post "BIG ICT - BIG Society: The big society and HI professionalism" without publicising and responding to Gerry Bolger's survey myself.

My source: Carol Bond, Chair, BCS Health, Nursing Specialist Group mail list.

I am completing a personal research survey emailing on the use of nursing informatics at provider / organisational level. I would like to invite you to complete the attached short survey. The reason I am inviting you is because I have been heavily involved in understanding the contribution that nurses make to quality outcomes. Until late 2010 I was the policy lead at the Department of Health in England, by developing and identifying the nurse sensitive outcome indicators with the NHS chief nurses group and frontline staff.

Following this work I have been researching some of the barriers and issues around articulating this with a standardised terminology and approach, and I am inviting you, and colleagues to complete a short questionnaire on the informatics systems and models nurses are using at an organisational level. The use of information to support quality care has been recently identified as part of a government consultation in England. Your response will help understand the size of the gap in nursing informatics locally and approaches, which could be considered to support standardised language and data mining and collection.

This survey aims to investigate the different approaches in current practice at organisational level, by comparing the similarities and differences between organisations. It aims to identify the scope; range and depth of nursing information collected and how this information is used to show the impact of nursing on care outcomes and how nursing data is used to influence commissioning of services, nursing and education.

The purpose of this survey is to discover:
  1. 'who' (i.e. which countries and organisations) are using nursing information systems
  2. 'what' systems are used, and how widely they are used within the organisation
  3. 'what' nursing data the systems collect
  4. 'how' they collect nursing information
  5. 'how' the systems are used (if at all) to shape, change and commission nursing care
  6. 'what' the data show about the impact of nursing on outcomes of care
The responses can be anonymous, although it would be helpful to have a contact point should I have any follow up questions from the information you have provided. For those who reply and provide their contact details I will send the report, which I anticipate to be available in late June. To reassure responders, no organisation will be identified without the express written consent of that organisation.

The survey form is attached to this email, and can also be completed on-line at http://www.bojac.eu/gerrybolger/survey please note I would like all completed forms back to me by 1st May 2011. As I would like to get an international perspective as well to allow identification of similarities and differences in strategic approaches please forward to colleagues internationally.

I do hope that you will consider this survey and should you have other material on this topic you think would be useful, please let me know: gbolger AT bojac.eu


Gerry Bolger

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