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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Launch of new Skills-based Training On Risk Management: STORM website

Hi everyone,

The new website www.stormskillstraining.com is live. It is more dynamic offering features such as the opportunity to interact and communicate with fellow STORM Facilitators through the News and Forum sections. It will also continue to provide information on STORM packages, but essentially, this is a website for the whole of the STORM family. It has been designed with you in mind – and so, welcome to your new website!


Let the world know what you are achieving

Please tell us what you have achieved and we will feature it on the website. You can also keep us updated with your training plans.


This is open to all STORM Facilitators to chat about pretty much anything – as long as it relates to STORM and Self-harm that is! For example, you can chat about anything relating to the delivery of STORM training; sharing suicide and self harm information/knowledge with others; or to generate debate.

Keep it on your radar!!!

Take a regular look at the website, you never know, there might be some news, or a really interesting debate taking place in the forum.

It is you that will make this website interesting, so don’t forget to keep us informed about what you are achieving!

Best wishes

Dr. Gill Green
STORM Project Manager

My source: STORM facilitators list [edited for posting here]

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