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Sunday, May 01, 2011

Papers - writing at W2tQ: update May 2011

The substance misuse paper is with someone for possible re-working.  As previously mentioned the text needs the attention of a practitioner to stamp some practical authority on this complex field.

(I've not heard anything since October so if anyone working in substance misuse is interested in this please get in touch.)

As to the forensic nursing/h2cm paper my co-author and I are preparing a re-submission. The text on the model has been reduced placing emphasis on the forensic content.

Later this month I'm meeting a fellow NW member of the RCN who also has an interest in health informatics. Looking f/w to this.

The review of From A to <A> Keywords of Markup with Bradley Dilger and Jeff Rice, editors University of Minnesota Press is complete (1,004 words) and forwarded to The Journal of Community Informatics [JoCI].

I'm also writing a brief paper for JoCI on the concept of glocal associated with h2cm.

For next month there is a poster to prepare:

1-day Conference at Chancellors Hotel and Conference Centre (Manchester)
Friday 10 June 2011

I will update with some Drupal musings soon ...

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