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Monday, May 02, 2011

W2tQ: Languages, comments and global health

I've been looking at the template for this blog and trying to figure out why the prompt / invite for comments does not show. Early in the life of W2tQ 2006 - 2007 the Blogger platform was still under development and plagued with spam. Back then I also added some tools that support comments, but in the process the template developed indigestion. I've asked a support question or two and looking on the forums many users share my problem. I'm not wasting time on this though: W2tQ is an experiment.

With each month I can see the value of 'independent' blogging (well short of hosting) using Drupal or Ruby - Rails. In addition to the major disconnect that is comments, it would be great to have the facility of multiple languages, especially when looking at the Clustermap record.

The trip to South America in February made me aware not only of my limited language skills but the scale and opportunities that internationalisation and languages present. I heard from HIFA2015 that there is a Portuguese version, but as yet no Spanish or French. This point makes me feel a little better only in the sense that this really is a major problem both for providers of information services and consumers. I hope that Spanish, French and other versions of HIFA2015 follow; the gathering momentum of global health must assist.

Although here the comments are still a problem there's the contact invite and my e-mail plus - I've just added a Google translate widget that seems to work OK.


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