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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Drupalcon London 22-26 August - my schedule

I've just put together my schedule for Drupalcon, London which in addition to the keynotes looks like this...

Tuesday 23rd August
10:45 - The Path to a Mobile Drupal: Techniques, Tools and Failure : John Albin Wilkins

10:45 - With One Click : Marcus Deglos

13:00 - Easy Drupal Hosting Lifecycle: Local Dev, Production Deploy, Cloud Scale, and Sleep Well : Barry Jaspan

14:15 - Doing Drupal Security Right : Gábor Hojtsy

15:45 - Integration with External Services (APIs, web applications, mobile) : Kalle Varisvirta, Leon Tong

17:00 - Take Full Control of Your Site Layout with Display Suite for Drupal 7 : Kristof De Jaeger, Jan-yves Vanhaverbeke

Wednesday 24th August
10:30 - Multilingual Drupal Solutions: Use Cases and Modules : Florian Loretan, Jose Antonio Reyero del Prado

12:30 - Creating and Measuring the User Experience : Jeff Noyes

13:45 - Node.js and Drupal : beejeebus, Howard Tyson

15:00 - Slick Data Sharding: How to Develop Scalable Data Applications With Drupal: Tobby Hagler

Thursday 25th August
11:00 - Adaptive, Responsive, Mobile First and Drupal Theming for the Future with HTML5, CSS3 and Omega : Jake Strawn

13:30 - Of Constraints and Capabilities: Applying Systems Thinking to Design the Ideal Experience
Dante Murphy, Angel Brown

14:45 - Drush Deploy : Mark Sonnabaum, Moshe Weitzman

There are several instances were I'm torn as with Dries' presentation Drupal 8 Update / Keynote Follow-up.

Last week I learned of the possibility of starting a post-grad informatics distance learning course. There are intakes in September and January. I was given food for thought as at the moment fees for this post-graduate course are less than undergraduate studies.

As noted ages ago here on W2tQ Drupal and h2cm will factor in such studies if I can reach the dissertation stage. Definitely - more to follow...

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