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Saturday, August 06, 2011

Individual - Group: Shortage of healthcare workers (extent and extant)

When Brian Hodges' first created h2cm one of the model's two axes was INDIVIDUAL - GROUP. Today the true extent (and extant) of 'group' in a health context is crystal clear. Crystal clear for the many individuals that are impacted by the one : many imbalance, but not it seems the policy makers and those able to effect positive change. 'Population' is more meaningful now. The two items below are from HIFA2015:

Dear colleagues,

Today I attended a lecture on the importance of Primary Health Care, given by Dr. Per Kallestrup, in Copenhagen, Denmark.

He ended his lecture by the following video (made by Global Health Workforce Alliance) on YouTube:

I liked the video very much, and I thought to share it with you.

If you have similar videos, there is also an possibility to upload them on www.charitytube.com


Neena Al-Mustafa M.D.

Dear all

Please be aware too that there is a global campaign - www.healthworkerscount.org - which more than 270 organisations have signed up to.

It’s driven to create awareness of the global shortage and action/international commitment at this year’s UNGA.

Please do sign up and pass onto your colleagues, public health institutions and health organizations.

Many thanks


Sally Clarke
Brand and Marketing Manager
Merlin, UK

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