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Friday, August 05, 2011

Nature Video: Virtual Worlds for Health

Reporter Daniel Cressey takes a trip to the University of Birmingham for a walk through a virtual world. By recreating the positive effects of spending time in natural environments, Bob Stone and his team hope to help those who can't get out and about by bringing these environments to them.

My source: healthcare AT lists.secondlife.com - Patricia Anderson

The comment on the site points to many issues beyond that of the screen resolution provided here. These include accessibility for older adults. There may be reasons to downplay the realism with this client group? I have noticed several residents who might clinically benefit from an e-prescription in the form of an Netbook, or i-Pad. Other issues arising in addition to the obvious ones of vision, hearing include concentration, motivation and assessment (not to mention security). There may be a case for guided engagement with larger screen platforms too.

Enter the i-therapist (information and immersion). When the ability exists though people still need to get out of their rooms, feel the breeze on their face.

I wrote a piece about the potential of virtual reality in nursing quite a while ago -
(20 years!) "Where have all the nurses gone?"

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