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Thursday, October 27, 2011

National photography competition KT-EQUAL & Age UK: 'Left to Our Own Devices'

Dear KT EQUAL Supporters,

A national photography competition launched by KT-EQUAL sets out to challenge our preconceptions about how older people interact with technology now and in the future. Entitled 'Left to Our Own Devices', the contest is run in partnership with Age UK.

Entries will be judged not only on their photographic merit but also on how they address issues related to the central theme of older people's interactions with technology -- perhaps by challenging stereotypes, defying expectations or delivering a powerful message.

The most successful images will be selected from across four categories:

• Gadgets and Gizmos
• In the Home
• Out and About
• Open category

All the selected images will be included in a touring exhibition that will visit the Parliament at Westminster and the Assemblies at Cardiff and Stormont, and finishing at the Scottish Parliament next spring.

One image in each category will also receive a cash prize of £250.

The judging panel will consist of:

• Christina McBride, Lecturer in Photography at Glasgow School of Art
• Professor Trevor Cox, a member of the KT-EQUAL consortium
• Phil Rossall, Research Manager (Knowledge Management) at Age UK

Professor Gail Mountain, Director of the KT-EQUAL consortium, said:

"For older people, as for all of us, technology can be exciting and empowering -- but it can also seem baffling or even threatening at times. So we’re challenging British photographers to come up with images that capture different aspects of the complex relationship between people and the devices they create."

Phil Rossall of Age UK said:

"Technology for older people can take many forms. It’s not just computers and smartphones, it’s anything which can make later life more comfortable, more rewarding or less arduous.
"At Age UK, we’re interested in new technology less for its technical merits than for its tangible benefits for quality of life – something we hope this competition will help to promote."

The contest is free to enter at http://lefttoourowndevices.org.uk, where users can also browse other entries and take part in online discussions on the thoughts they provoke.

The closing date for entries is 31 January 2012. Entries are welcome from both amateur and professional photographers. Judging criteria and other rules of entry are listed at http://lefttoourowndevices.org.uk.

Entrants retain copyright over the images they submit, subject to acceptance of standard terms and conditions for entry.


Heather Williams
Project Officer (KT-EQUAL)
Department for Health / Research Development & Collaborations
University of Bath
Email: H.Williams at bath.ac.uk

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