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Friday, December 02, 2011

Carer's Rights Day ('Care' a concept going global)

I do wish I had time to update the intro pages which can be accessed on the h2cm homepage. I've assigned the SOCIOLOGY care (knowledge) domains intro to the public and this includes carers.

In Hodges' model the carer is closer to the policy maker than the 'patient', 'client' - person they care for. This does not make protecting carer's rights any easier. This conceptual proximity to the powers-that-be does not reduce the need for an amplified voice. The focus for tomorrow is Money Matters.

The significant realization many years ago was that carer's actually span all ages. What I have learned over the past two years in my role is that even when a family member goes into residential care, the worry, the caring does not stop.

This past July I heard last minute (dinner time) about Disability Awareness Day which was held locally in Warrington, Cheshire. It was a great day and for people in the NW - and beyond - make a date for 2012 15th July.

As to 'care' going global more to follow ...

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