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Saturday, December 03, 2011

Update blog (Feedburner pain), papers, Drupal and future

Up to early summer I had c. 470 subscribers according to the Feedburner counter. The highest this reached was around 482 and for a good while the momentum had been slow, but upward.

Since summer the counter fell back to 150 and more recently 130 and now for two days it is '0'. Apparently the Feedburner service has created problems across the blogosphere. I've decided to take the counter down for the time being.

There are no conference paper or poster presentations pending, but I have a paper to write based on the Dublin CARDI conference poster working with George (Prof. Kernohan). With two other papers being reviewed, this leaves space for Drupal.

I've a hosting account and was about to upload my first Drupal site when domestic matters took a deafening, but final turn. So now back to Drupal and a need to take up a permanent 'residency' there. The NW Drupal user group meeting this coming week always helps.

This domestic resolution also begs reflection on work, 2012 and beyond. It feels strange and exciting to find after a very turbulent three years a new freedom has opened up. This freedom can be taken even further. Let's see ...

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