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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

[CIOP] Welcome to new list - Community Informatics for Older Persons

There recently has been an expansion of technology applications for older persons. These efforts include communications for elderly with others, connections with families, medical monitoring, group activities, assistance with hospital transitions, and tele-health. An important aspect is the framework of communities, either as a way to view applications or the use of the inforrmation and communications technology application  in a group setting, such as a wii activity by a group.

Especially promising are the research activities being done internationally.
This is demonstrated by the latest issue of the Journal of Community Informatics on Technology and Older Persons, with a significant collection of varied current studies. The work on this journal included the cooperation of an international group of professionals for nearly a year.

It will be exciting and worthwhile to have the discussions and online meeting of professional minds.

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Gene Loeb, Ph.D.

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