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Friday, May 25, 2012

Nurse First Programme Seeks Innovators

Dear Peter,

I hope you don't mind me picking your brains :)

We are currently recruiting for a new cohort for the UK's most intensive innovation and leadership programme for health professionals who work in the community. It is called Nurse First and is a free programme that has been developed with the Queen's Nursing Institute, Bucks New University, the Shaftesbury Partnership and Johnson & Johnson (who are sponsoring it).

What we are particularly looking for are creative and innovative clinical staff who -

  • are passionate about improving services;
  • have strong personal motivation and are resilient;
  • are creative problem-solvers;
  • are driven and who can keep going when the going gets tough.
We will help them to identify a significant problem or challenge in their area and develop an innovative solution to this. We will also help them bring in outside funding to get the pilot up and running. Many of the Nurse First projects have brought in between £10,000 and £100,000 of funding for their pilots. Our criteria is that applicants have to still be involved in clinical practice and work outside acute hospitals

If you know any clinicians like this who would benefit from the Nurse First programme, I would be really grateful if you could direct them to our site at www.nursefirst.org.uk and the closing date for applications is 31st May 2011.

Anyway, hope you are well,

Kind regards,

Dave Dawes
Nurse First Project Manager
The Shaftesbury Partnership

e: dave@nursefirst.org.uk
e: dave.dawes@shaftesburypartnership.org
twitter: @davedawes

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