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Thursday, March 20, 2014

[c/o hipnet] Data Visualization Enthusiast? Join us on the Data Viz Hub!

Dear Colleagues

The recently launched Data Viz for Development Hub [http://datavizhub.co] is a vibrant community for sharing resources, tools, examples, and ideas about data visualization. Using graphs, charts, maps, tables, infographics, and other visualizations can improve how we communicate information to stakeholders and the larger development community. With a wealth of resources available, and a growing interest across international development practitioners to build effective visualizations, the Hub will help keep communicators, evaluators, developers and others in the know about data viz best practices and new tools, connecting visualizers from all domains of expertise.

Check out the Hub at datavizhub.co, and join the community listserv by emailing:
dataviz AT knowledge-gateway.org with the subject "Join." We look forward to connecting with you about all things data viz!

Questions? Contact Libby Skolnik at libby.skolnik AT jhu.edu

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