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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Seeking student nurses/social care workers in NW England for a small study

Hi everyone,

With apologies to readers from further afield, but this may still be of interest...

For my studies in technology enhanced learning [TEL], Hodges' model and current module at Lancaster I am interested in researching student nurse and social care workers experience of technology enhanced learning and e-portfolios. In return I can introduce Hodges' model and provide a 'certificate' denoting your attendance and engagement.

Based in the NW England I plan to see what free venues are available. In the first instance I am considering Wigan, Ormskirk, Manchester, Liverpool and Preston probably early evenings for at max 2hr 30mins. If there is of interest perhaps we could meet regularly?

This project for assessment and evaluation of TEL may also include an online survey. E-portfolios are much discussed, but how widely are they are used? Similarly how well are learning management systems utilised? My brief study hopes to consider these questions and will of course incorporate the literature.

The study will also go through ethics and I'd be happy to respond to questions. A focus group is my initial thought...

If this is of interest to you as -

  • a venue provider;
  • student nurse, NVQ student, social care worker;
  • lecturer.
- please let me know at h2cmng @ yahoo.co.uk and feel free to share this within your networks.

Many thanks

Kind regards,

Peter Jones
Community Mental Health Nurse Older Adults Central Lancashire &
Graduate Student - Lancaster University: Technology Enhanced Learning

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