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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

NHS Change Day: Breaking out of the cocoon?

Today is NHS Change Day, a social movement that encourages staff, patients, carers and the public  to take part. We can all -


- as per the campaign. There isn't just one campaign but several and a few of these (all in fact?) would benefit from a reflective resource:

#TimetoChange - taking the stigma out of mental health
#DementiaDO - seeing the person, not the dementia
#PairedLearning - enabling better partnerships for the future

This is especially so as efforts are ongoing to create new models of care, to integrate health and social care amid ongoing pressures on funding.

Cleaning the greenhouse out at the weekend I came across a chrysalis on the bench. Don't worry it's safe, I've taken care of it. It's still under a plant pot, asleep. The finding has me wondering how many potentially worthwhile changes and projects are effectively 'under wraps', cocooned and waiting to emerge?

The answer to that is the 'do' - make it happen!

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