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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Seeking examples of community based initiatives that improve care for dementia...

Dear CHAIN member,

CHAIN Dementia Sub-group Co-facilitator Malayka Rahman at the Alzheimer's Society, has asked us to circulate the following query to relevant CHAIN members. Please pass on as appropriate. Thank you.

Dr Marjolein van der Marck, ‎Senior researcher at Radboud University Medical Center, Nijmegen, the Netherlands is seeking examples of best practice to include in a book chapter on models of geriatrics care. She is looking for examples of community based initiatives that improve care for neurogenerative disorders including, but not restricted to, dementia. The examples can be something being developed, tested or delivered in the UK, or something that you’ve heard about in other countries.

Dr van der Marck says, “For example, in the Netherlands we now have the dementia-friendly communities and also students who are living in nursing homes – a win-win situation ensuring housing for students and company for the elderly people living in those nursing homes. Also, there is a nursing home that is designed as a village, and people who live there are able to perform regular daily activities such as visit shops in this village/home.”

If you are aware of initiatives that you think are a great example of how to improve dementia care, please contact Dr Marjolein van der Marck by email at Marjolein.vanderMarck AT radboudumc.nl

Closing date for responses is Friday 8 May 2015.


Wendy Zhou
CHAIN Manager

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