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Saturday, August 01, 2015

Open Resources for Nurse Educators (OR4NED)

Since 2004, Bangladesh Health Project volunteers have been supporting nurse education in Bangladesh.

We have learned that the global shortage of nurses is made worse by an even greater shortage of capable nurse educators. When we started the BSN program in Bangladesh, we had to develop all curriculum materials ourselves. Since then we have shared our materials with similar projects in Bangladesh and elsewhere. To avoid others’ reinvention, we decided to offer  our BSN curriculum as an Open Educational Resource [OER] to support novice nurse educators in less developed countries.

We will post on the internet all our English-medium resources – PowerPoint lectures, student and teacher references, exams and assignments, clinical checklists and policies. It is true that there are many medical and nursing OER materials already. However what is unique about our project is that we have created an integrated package linking components from our own and other sources with field-tested educational goals and graduate competencies. This is not intended to be an off-the-shelf solution- the OER will need some tailoring to suit the local context. Under the Creative Commons license, the OER materials can be adapted and used freely by educational institutions offering nursing degrees, and by associations, councils and other groups that provide continuing professional development for nurse educators. We have posted at www.or4ned.com two sample courses and a Teachers’ Guide for beginning educators when using the OER.

Since we are self-financed, we are seeking volunteers to assist us with editing the OER materials. We would also like advice about potential partners or funders for this task. And of course we are happy to share the course content that we have already developed.

Future phases of the work will include enhancing the OER with multimedia resources; evaluating use of the OER in various settings, and developing a community of practice to update the OER.

Our OER website provides more information. We welcome your suggestions and advice. You can contact us at info AT or4ned.com.

Alex Berland RN MSc
Director, Bangladesh Health Project
Senior Adviser, Health Sciences, IUBAT, Bangladesh
Adjunct Professor, School of Pop'n and Public Health, UBC, Canada
t: (Canada)
e: aberland AT telus.net
skype: Alex.Berland

My source: HIFA2015

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