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Tuesday, December 08, 2015

c/o CHAIN: Alzheimer Europe publications 2014 and 2015

Dear CHAIN member,

We would like to draw your attention to the following publications.  Please pass on as appropriate.  Thank you.


Alzheimer Europe released the 2015 editions of its Yearbook and Ethics Report and its 2014 Annual Report – as well as issue 21 of the Dementia in Europe magazine.

The 2014 Annual Report covers AE’s activities and finances and also has a new look, with many photos of AE meetings, lunch debates and the 24th Annual Conference in Glasgow. www.alzheimer-europe.org/Alzheimer-Europe/Our-work/Annual-Reports

The 2015 Dementia in Europe Yearbook contains an overview of dementia-friendly initiatives in European countries. Like every year, the report is a compilation of information gathered from its member associations; this year, 33 organisations from 31 countries participated in the work. They were joined by members of the European Working Group of People with Dementia, who gave valuable input on how communities, villages, cities and countries can become more dementia inclusive and dementia friendly.

AE’s2015 Ethics Report is aimed at health and social care professionals in care homes and hospitals who are faced with ethically sensitive situations and dilemmas. It provides them with training materials to tackle any issues they might encounter and enables them to reflect on the approach they adopt. The report was produced by a group of renowned experts and highly trained professionals in the field of ethics and dementia care. www.alzheimer-europe.org/Publications/Alzheimer-Europe-Reports

Issue 21 of Dementia in Europe carries coverage of AE’s June lunch debate in the European Parliament, the association’s new strategic plan and its new reports. The magazine also covers the launch of a new Written Declaration on Alzheimer’s disease in the European Parliament, a recent EU Presidency meeting and Spain’s progress toward a national dementia strategy. This issue concludes with a special section covering highlights from Alzheimer Europe’s 25th Conference in Slovenia. www.alzheimer-europe.org/Publications/Dementia-in-Europe-magazines



Irina Johnston
CHAIN Administrative Assistant

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