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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

‘Trans-Cultural Dialogues about Mental Health, Extreme states and Alternatives for recovery': INTAR 2016

Dear colleagues,

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and hope Santa brought you a bagful of gifts already!

This is to share with you that, Bapu Trust has the privilege of organizing the INTAR of 2016, in Pune city, India. We are really excited about this opportunity, to bring top of the class regional and global programs on Alternatives into the Asian region.

The International Network Toward Alternatives for Recovery (INTAR) is a loose network of individuals working in mental health, who have since last 10 years, been working to showcase and promote genuine alternatives for people who are experiencing distressing/altered/extreme mental states. The Network has stopped by in many major world cities, providing local people and organizations a space to dialogue on humane mental health care using non-medical approaches. We know that around the world alternative service models have been developed that show truly promising results. Yet, as you may know, such viable models have been under-utilized, under-funded and continue to operate in relative obscurity.

INTAR, since the beginning, has been guided by two important principles: full recovery is possible and that the dignity and autonomy of the individual is paramount. INTAR's mission: To document the effectiveness of Alternatives; to refine and expand their use and to make them more accessible to people that need them.

The Bapu Trust, a national mental health advocacy organisation in India, resonates with these principles. Such a platform has become all important for India, and the Asian region. In this program, we also hope to have cross cultural dialogues between mental health / alternatives service providers, persons with psycho-social disabilities, academics, and activists from the global North and the global South.

Our latest flyer on the forthcoming event is up on the web.


The program is between 26-28th November of 2016, in Pune city, India.

We hope that you will be very interested in these opportunities for new cross cultural experiences and learnings in the last weeks of November next year and to bring your work across to Asia. We certainly look forward to welcoming some of you into Pune city next year.

We are sharing news well in advance so that you may prepare, singly or as organizations in your countries, to mentally prepare for a long haul flight, to put together materials that you may want to share, and to raise the funds required to travel to India. If you write us, we can provide more details about the venue, conferencing options, opportunities to present your work, or answer other queries that you may have.

Warmest regards from
Bhargavi Davar

My source: Jill Anderson, MHHE

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