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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Update: 2015 contrasts - family, studies, Drupal...

As for many people no doubt 2015 has been a year of contrasts for me. An amazing holiday in New York in April, the sudden illness of a senior family member in May (upon our return) and the magic of a new baby in October. Quite a year....

On the study - technology enhanced learning front - 'limbo' is the word. The health crisis in the family saw me totally distracted and failing the penultimate module of part 1. I couldn't believe what I initially submitted and even that did not serve as a lesson for the re-submission.

I think the paper for the final module is better, but... as with the rest of Cohort 7 I await the marks. Even then, the exam board in February has the final word. One thing I do know: my wait will be more pensive. Preparation for part 2 starts mid-January so there's not much time and yet too much.

Through twitter and then an email, I've been invited to write a 500 word blog post on a topic of my choice. The intended publication is evidence-based and mental health related. Due this w/e I look f/w to reporting on progress.

Drupal 8 is installed on the new host. Brian Hodges' original lecture notes are acting as my 'lorum ipsum'. Brian's text will give a more realistic rendering of the headings and how the styling might emerge. Having lost the old p-jones.demon.co.uk website I can establish a new site by creating an archive.

FileZilla works the local machine and remote, but I know there's a better workflow, more efficient, more secure. It's premature for me to reach for GitHub, but that's an aspiration.

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