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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Open letter to the BBC - #InTheMind

Dear colleagues,

You may have seen some of the BBC’s recent mental health programming in the ‘In the Mind’ season, for example the Stephen Fry programme last week which Richard Bentall has responded to with an open letter.

Personally I have been pretty appalled by the almost complete lack of a psychological or social perspective – in most cases mental health problems are presented unproblematically as brain disorders to be treated with medication. For example, apparently the working title for the Stephen Fry programme was Stephen Fry: Bipolar, There is No Why.

A number of colleagues and I have put together an open letter to the BBC outlining our concerns, and I am sending you this email in case you would like to sign it:


If you would, please email Peter Kinderman: p.kinderman AT liverpool.ac.uk, saying how you would like to be listed.

With very best wishes (and apologies for this rather round-robin style email but time is of the essence with these things!)

Anne Cooke
Principal Lecturer, Department of Psychology, Politics and Sociology
Joint Clinical Director, Doctoral Programme in Clinical Psychology
Salomons Centre for Applied Psychology, Canterbury Christ Church University

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