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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Global Challenges: Journal

A New Kind of Journal Creating
a Global Community with a Global Mission

From the website: "Global Challenges cuts across disciplines and international boundaries to bring science, technology, and social science communities together to tackle the 21st century’s greatest challenges: climate change, energy, food, agriculture & nutrition, global health, and water."

Global Health

"We live in an increasingly interdependent world where health and well-being are shaped by circumstances, decisions and events occurring in far-away places. Pandemics spread between countries within days, health professionals emigrate from countries where they trained, lifestyles shift from one place to another, food supply lines are globally integrated, and environmental health risks like climate change defy national borders. Extreme poverty and inequality remain at unacceptably high levels, thereby representing major threats to global health as well as direct consequences of ill-health. Today, the risks and potential rewards of globalization for health are great, but managing these risks and reaping these rewards depends on the effective management of globalization by the world’s governments, civil society organizations, businesses and international institutions. The health section of Global Challenges aims to be recognized as a leading source of empirical studies, evidence syntheses and critical analyses that address transnational health threats and social inequalities requiring global collective action. Submissions that use interdisciplinary, mixed-method and/or new approaches are especially welcome."

Wiley asks: "Will you be part of it?"

This is project were Hodges' model is very relevant and at some future point I'll map this new journal's themes to the model. It is Open Access which means that the business model then employed involves fees for publication. I note that Lancaster University is included in the list of institutions with a Wiley Open Access Account so this may help. The fee is also waived for the first 15 submissions that are accepted.

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