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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

HAPPY 10th BIRTHDAY "Welcome to the QUAD"

This evening #W2tQ is 10 years old.

In Internet terms this is well passed retirement. And yet... HTML and the http protocol still provides the substrate, the template, foundation for the content here and this is what Hodges' model can provide across healthcare, education and the many literacies that have been highlighted here.

It remains a fascinating journey on all levels. Here are several archived way-points:

  • Presenting the model in Charleston, South Carolina; Paipa, Colombia presentation & workshop.
  • Attending a workshop on Conceptual Spaces in Lund, Sweden.
  • Presenting in Amman, Jordan.
  • A poster at the first conference on Health Literacy in Manchester.
Plus, many others and exhibitions I've been able to enjoy.

The journey - the community
I found 2010 that I had cataract and needed surgery. At Wigan RAEI Surgeons Messrs. Heavan (left-eye) and Mars (right) allowed me to see the stars again. It is still a real thrill: the light, colour, texture... thank you again #RAEI.

In February 2007 at version 4.7 I found Drupal and a fantastic community. There's a new home to build and share through Drupal 8.

Last summer the isp Demon.co.uk finally folded. So the old website is now merely an internet archive. This blog birthday is another call for action...

Now through part 1 of a PhD at Lancaster I may need a break to do some prep for part 2 and ensure I can focus ;-) purely on the research. I've dusted two draft papers off to see if I can complete them quickly. If support for the mantra 'enjoy the journey' is needed you will find it here...

Image: https://www.pinterest.com/donitakpaul/the-journey-not-the-destination/

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