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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Hodges' model: Axes as contextual thresholds

There is something intuitively commonsensical about Threshold Concepts within education and learning. Life is all about thresholds. Thresholds are a fact of life and death. They are the bread and butter of healthcare: a matter of life and death.

What is the threshold for a referral? 
What are the thresholds within diagnostic tests? 
What is the threshold for rehabilitation, staying well?

As a key component of human thought, however defined, concepts abound within and without educational contexts.

Hodges' model is like a threshold, several in fact. A drawstring, not just one but four. A net in which to capture a haul of concepts, situated to the task at hand. So many can fall away.

DO NOT! underestimate these strings. These lines.
They can partition and conjoin. They can guide and blind. They can stifle, block, iso-late, restrain, constrain.

THIS WAY! multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary inviting translation to transdisciplinary. Change. Learner's transformed.

We are excused the need to simultaneously attend to four nets since the model provides them in one cast.

One cast one throw + for one and all players

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