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Monday, August 22, 2016

Research about the Right to Education in the Global South c/o Open Education

Greetings Open Education Friends:

I’d like to introduce Mikhail Volchak. He is a researcher at Essex University (UK) and is a member of Creative Commons Belarus.

Mikhail is working on his masters dissertation re: the right to education in the Global South and how traditional copyright is inhibiting access. He is trying to connect with people working on similar topics.

Mikhail asked that I forward this note:
I make research about right to education in the global South. The main points it will reveal: (1) what barriers are created by copyright on access to learning material; (2) what tools from international Human Right law can be used for protecting the access and (3) what are pluses and minuses of existing solutions.

I would like to communicate with researchers, activists, teachers, librarians from or who works with the issue in developing countries.
I also suggested, to Mikhail, that he might join: http://go-gn.net

... and connect with the researchers at: http://roer.cemca.org.in/

Thank you for connecting with Mikhail at: fannrm AT gmail.com

Warmest regards,

Cable Green, PhD
Director of Open Education

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