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Saturday, September 03, 2016

RCN International Centenary Conference November 2016


My name is Verity Brown and I currently work for one of the largest nursing membership organisations in the world, The Royal College of Nursing UK.

We are holding a very unique conference, the first of its kind for the RCN, in London in November 2016. The main focus of the International Centenary Conference [https://www.rcn.org.uk/international-centenary-conference] is to reflect on the past 100 years of nursing, look ahead to the next 100 years and share discoveries, research and best practice with colleagues and organisations on a global scale. There will be keynote speakers from bodies such as the UN and WHO and over 100 sessions delivering presentations on subjects such as ‘seeking better care for pregnant detainees’ and ‘the role of nurses and midwives in the response to Ebola’. The full programme can be found here.

We do hope you can join us at the conference and if you have any queries please email

centenaryconference AT rcn.org.uk

Best regards

Verity Brown
Senior Marketing Executive

Royal College of Nursing
20 Cavendish Square
Email verity.brown@rcn.org.uk

My source: HIFA - Healthcare Information For All www.hifa2015.org
(image - RCN)

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