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Thursday, December 01, 2016

Special Issue: Critical and Radical Social Work journal - Psychopolitics in the 21st Century

Dear colleague

We are pleased to announce the publication this week of a special issue of Critical and Radical Social Work journal on the theme of Psychopolitics in the Twenty First Century, which was inspired by the conference of the same name at Liverpool Hope University in June 2015.

The special issue features articles or reviews from leading figures in the field including Professors Peter Beresford, Ann Davis, David Pilgrim and Diana Rose amongst others. The papers explore a range of themes such as politics, social theory and social movements in mental health, Mad Studies, anti-psychiatry, critical perspectives on mental health policy and strategies of resistance to welfare reform. There are also articles from activist and consciousness raising groups involved in mental health campaigning from Critical Voices Network Ireland and reVision to Psychologists Against Austerity.

The full contents list and links to papers are available here:

Please email Rich at mothr AT hope.ac.uk if you would like further information about the special issue, subscribing to this journal or accessing individual articles.

Best wishes

on behalf of the Guest Editors: Rich Moth, Helen Spandler, Mick McKeown and Joe Greener

Dr Rich Moth
Senior Lecturer in Social Work
Liverpool Hope University
Office: FML 302
Tel: 0151 291 3853

@richmoth (https://twitter.com/richmoth)


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