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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Request from South Sudan Medical Journal

From HIFA:
Neil - can you post this on HIFA? We are really needing help with the tasks listed below.

The South Sudan Medical Journal is the only medical journal in South Sudan; since 2008 it has been published quarterly in Juba by a small group of volunteers. Now we want to add new people to our team in order to continue improving the journal over the next decade. At present we particularly need volunteers (with experience of publishing, and of healthcare in Africa) to help:

  1. The editorial advisor to oversee the progress of articles from submission to publication - including ‘chasing’ authors and reviewers;
  2. To edit/correct submitted articles with authors in order to prepare them for peer review (especially authors who are unused to writing in English and/or for publication) - and after peer review to help the author get the final copy ready for publication;
  3. The IT team manage and upload content onto the website.

Please contact us at admin AT southernsudanmedicaljournal.com if you can help with any of the above.

HIFA profile: Ann Burgess is a freelance nutritionist based in Scotland, UK. She is interested in facilitating the sharing of practical nutrition information between professionals in low/medium-income countries particularly those in Africa. She has helped to prepare various kinds of nutrition materials, and is a co-editor of the 3rd edition of Nutrition for Developing Countries published in 2015. She is Editorial Advisor to the South Sudan Medical Journal www.southsudanmedicaljournal.com.  annpatriciaburgess AT yahoo.co.uk

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