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Sunday, May 07, 2017

HIFA discussion on Systematic Reviews: Begins 15 May 2017

Supported by TDR, WHO and The Lancet

What are systematic reviews? Why are they important? What are their strengths and weaknesess? How can systematic reviews and local research be used more effectively to support evidence-informed policy and practice in low- and middle-income countries?

Starting 15 May, HIFA is hosting a major thematic discussion on Systematic Reviews, supported by the Special Programme on Tropical Disease Research (TDR), the World Health Organization, and The Lancet.

The discussion will take place here on the HIFA forum (English, 10,000 members in 176 countries). Parallel discussions will be held on CHIFA (child health and rights), HIFA-French, HIFA-Portuguese, and HIFA-Zambia.

The discussion will last for 6 weeks and will deep-dive into the following questions (let us know if you have questions to add):

1. What are systematic reviews? Why are they important?
2. What are the strengths and limitations of SRs (to guide policy and practice in LMICs)?
3. What is the role of (global) SRs versus (local) single research studies (to guide policy and practice in LMICs)?
4. What can be done to increase the relevance and usefulness of SRs (to guide policy and practice in LMICs)?
5. What can be done to promote the production, interpretation and synthesis of SRs in LMICs?

A synthesis of the discussion will be presented at the Global Evidence Summit in Cape Town, South Africa, 13-16 September 2017.

This is the third major discussion in the 2016-2017 series, from the HIFA Project on Evidence-Informed Policy and Practice.

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Best wishes,
Coordinator, HIFA Project on Evidence-Informed Policy and Practice

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