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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Special Issue of Learning Health Systems: “Patient Empowerment and the Learning Health System”

New research available now!

Learning Health Systems
Learning Health Systems

Don’t miss the new Special Issue of 
Learning Health Systems

Guest Edited by Joshua C. Rubin

Patient Empowerment and the Learning Health System explores the influence of patient engagement on the development of a Learning Health System.

Learning Health Systems is a peer-reviewed, open access journal dedicated to the science, engineering and design of continuous improvement of health and health care. All articles in the new Special Issue are accessible free of charge.

Inside the New Issue

Patient Empowerment and the Learning Health System
Joshua C. Rubin

Building a learning health community: By the people, for the people
Sally Okun and Kim Goodwin

Advancing the science of patient input throughout the regulatory decision-making process
Million Tegenge et al.

Diverging views on health information exchange organizations
Mari F. Greenberger et al.

Patient-centered drug development and the Learning Health System 
Laura S. Crawford et al.

Developing a framework for integrating health equity into the learning health system
Danielle Brooks et al.

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