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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

WHO news update: Framework on integrated people-centred health services

Dear colleagues,

On behalf of the WHO integrated people-centred health services team, I am pleased to share with you a few news items summarizing our recent work. Please note that all news can be found on our IPCHS webpage.

Innovations from BRICS countries on people-centred health reforms at 70th World Health Assembly


WHO launches Global Service Delivery Network for universal health coverage


New WHO video: What is people-centred care?

We would also like to highlight this recent meeting organized by the WHO European Centre for Primary Health Care in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

New WHO advisory group launched in Almaty to shape the future of primary health care


A WHO inter-regional hospitals meeting on "Transforming hospitals for universal health coverage" also took place alongside these meetings, and a news item will soon be published to our website - please keep your eyes out for it!

We hope that this update will help contribute to your work in advancing our collective IPCHS agenda, and encourage you to please help share these items with your respective networks as you see fit.

Many thanks again for your ongoing commitment and support to the WHO Framework on integrated people-centred health services. We look forward to continuing our collaborations with you in the coming months!

With warm regards,

Stephanie (on behalf of the IPCHS team)
Stephanie Ngo
Services Organization and Clinical Interventions Unit
Service Delivery and Safety Department
World Health Organization | Geneva, Switzerland
Email: ngost AT who.int | Twitter: @stephaniengo

n.b. I have embedded the video not just the link in the above copy from the HIFA maillist. pj

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