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Monday, July 10, 2017

A person-centered sepia tinted reflection

humanistic --------------------------------------- mechanistic



While the history of my 
career now has a:

sepia tint


- I believe my enthusiasm and passion are still alive and kicking.

After all - that's quite something to wake up to on workdays, 
and quite a thing that helps to close your eyes at the end of day.

When I started my career forty years ago next month the 'I' in patients was well and truly lost. That 'I' wasn't even well in truth, as it was completely submerged in the asylum system that was Winwick Hospital. As a new nursing assistant, then student nurse and deputy charge nurse change had to follow and quick.

Change did follow, patients having a choice over what to drink tea or coffee and is that milk - sugar? Previously it was all a done deal in one giant pot. I never intended to be a tailor but there I was at 18 assessing gents for trousers from the store room. Personalised clothes eventually followed and a shop too.

In the draft paper on Hodges' model and Threshold Concepts I have noted that while laudable and vital as an objective of high quality care, person centred care presents learners with troublesome knowledge. This is because so much of what happens to patients... service users, clients, carers and family members is inherently service centred. It has to be to a degree and reconciling the how and why work is organised as it is, while delivering person centredness and person centred care remains a challenge today: and tomorrow too! ;-)

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