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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

(This...) Peter Jones: At last I'm making an academic impact!

(Northern) Summer Silly Season starts here...?

----- Forwarded Message -----
From: Academia.edu
To: h2cmng@yahoo.co.uk
Sent: Wednesday, 19 July 2017, 3:43
Subject: 697 people recently read a paper you are mentioned in

Dear Peter Jones,

697 people recently read one of the papers that mentions the name "Peter Jones".

A total of 709 papers on Academia mention your name.

Clicking through the link provided (the underline is mine):

709 papers mention the name "Peter Jones"
Receive real time notifications whenever a new paper mentions you and see every paper that mentions your name.


Vain and the constant grandstander that I am, I did not explore further.

There's a big difference between 'me' as an individual and the name "Peter Jones". While naming conventions vary across the world and according to customs and cultures I have a given name and a family name. Jones, like Smith is a pretty big family.

This 'Peter Jones' does not own a helicopter and with it many millions. [Although while 'rich' in many respects - a pay rise is greatly needed for the NHS.] Neither, have I provided the voice for 'The Book' in the TV version of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Universe.

You would think that Academia.edu would recognise the principles at work here. 'Scraping' the web is one thing, this is another...

humanistic --------------------------------------- mechanistic

Dragon's Den + Helicopter



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is during the 'summer'
or all year long...?

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