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Friday, September 01, 2017

Goodbye Vienna! Drupalcon early-bird tickets flash sale

As for the past eight years I had planned on attending Drupalcon (EU) this year in Vienna. The £-Euro exchange rate and local costs in Vienna mean that I have to forego the trip this year.

Szeged in 2008 remains a favourite, but the community and learning all along the way Paris, Copenhagen, London, Munich, Prague, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Dublin - has been brill and all despite having no new site! There's been quite a few Drupalcamp's in there too. Whether it was the travel, the lovely weather, the arrival of the iPhone which other delegates had, the help and welcome received it is no surprise I was hooked. What do I mean 'was'?

Quarter Moon in a Ten Cent Town
Well I'm not sure if I will attend in 2018 - I'm counting the pennies now. Perhaps I could play continental leapfrog and attend Nashville instead. That would be amazing. In my teens Elite Hotel took its turn on the turntable. Even now I listen to Country 105 on occasion. Whenever I see the newish moon I think of a Quarter Moon in a Ten Cent Town. Sadly, the £-$ exchange rate is similarly in Dire Straits (who were also played often). So, as I ask many of the 19 people on my clinical caseload about their aims and objectives I have to look critically at my own.

If you are reading this and just happen to be thinking about doing a PhD and you have no funding. Do go and address this: Now! On the cusp of transition from Part 1 to Part 2 end of 2016 early 2017 I was seeking funding, but it really is too late then. There were other family factors. In the end I stepped off the programme with a MRes.

Mental health has featured as a specific topic at local Drupal user group meetings NWDUG and since a few years ago at a Drupalcon. Topics have included dealing with anxiety, depression and imposter syndrome. As I still wish to revisit earlier (bedroom-based) programming experience I am in awe of the knowledge and skills within the Drupal community. Of course I am not trivialising the experience of the speakers, but with regard to being an imposter this is not lost on me. At least a Wallaby is a Wallaby. I'm just a wannabe nerd? Speaking. Takes courage. Speaking about your lived experience at work and in a keynote is quite a feat. This channel of communication also demonstrates the mature and supportive attitude of the community, that has had challenges of its own.

For the moment, the new hosting account mocks me. I'm sure I'm not alone. I've written before about stopping the blog, earning the Drupalcon trip (stripe) by producing a site - however in-complete. I am bound to continue with this.

If you've a space in your diary for Drupalcon Vienna I understand there are more early bird tickets in a flash sale: but today only.

I'll miss you Vienna!

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