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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Thanks @nwdug - Umami made my day

On Tuesday evening 1900 at the NW Drupal User Group in Manchester @nwdug we paired up and were tasked with reviewing one of Drupal's out-of-the-box resources - Umami:

"This is the Umami installation profile that will become part of Drupal core as part of the Out of the box initiative."
With Phil to the rescue (again) managing github and sorting a link, I obtained access to a demo site on my phone and managed to find some things in the interface and styling that weren't right. I do have an eye for proof reading whether academic papers, information / data standards or interfaces.

Still up (but only just) at 0016 and what's this...? An email from Drupal.org:

[drupal] You’ve been credited in Create experimental installation profile!

Still so much for me to do with respect to Drupal and Hodges' model .... but being included as part of a greater effort means and is a great deal.

Thanks all! @nwdug and madlab