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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Courage [ii]: One of the 6Cs - for Individual & Governments?

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As a student nurse in the 1970s courage took several forms. Advocating for personalised clothing and care plans. A choice of tea/coffee with or without milk or sugar. Charge nurses and sisters took action to ensure patients on upstairs wards were not carrying hot food containers without proper protection. You had to empathise with the patients on the 'rehabilitation' wards as successive students on placement initiated their personalised care planning for the patient. Change did happen: a consequence of what courage and the other 6Cs can do (even if the 6Cs were not explicit then).

Through the 1980s the nursing record got rather lost in the nursing process, as some took the critical line of the patient - the person, being 'processed'. 

Circa 2002-2003 The National Programme for IT was to put the 'record' straight. But the jigsaw is still not complete.

Long ............................................ Road (can)
The public were to have access to their record and there are successes. Some GP practives have risen to the challenge. Nationally, the potentialof electronic health records is still to be realised, even in a summary record form.

Joined up, integrated, interdisciplinary and interoperable care records, for example, between nursing homes, primary care, secondary care and social services remain by-and-large on the collective wishlist and a must-do. The governance of this remains rather contested, especially across scientific applications in health research and the public (good).*

The first post noted the need for governments to have courage in policy and take the long view . that responsible government responsive to demographics and global warming demands.  Google and Microsoft have publicised their health record solutions; Microsoft's Healthvault is ongoing. Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and JP Morgan have announced a joint initiative to shake up America's costly health market.
Is this an example of courage? Given the availability of access to the cloud, big data and emergence of AI processing and solutions - this is more an opportunity fostered by frustration at medical costs. Microsoft does well to stay the course. This time it's not about kicking a problem into the long grass, it's having a can down the road to see  if - IT can finally realise its potential to patients and public health.

You also never know what other tools you might find... ;-)

Dean, J. (2018) Will Amazon be good for US health? The Times, 5 February, p.43.

*More to follow in this.