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Saturday, March 31, 2018

This Drupal week - Zirconed by...

I've enjoyed the past week of in spare time working on Drupal 8 and the three main pages of archive material I have to re-publish. That last days holiday on Monday proves that I can create the pages, the basis for what might follow. Brian Hodges's lecture notes are fairly straight forward in terms of the text. I've to decide on whether to reuse the images from the defunct 1998 website. At Drupalcamp one of the sessions highlighted the need to keep the images separate from text so as to have them searchable. Embedded in some text editors they may be 'lost'. Other points include specific attention to the references (standards) and keywords and colour scheme.

Having a logo (old one), site name and slogan all on display is also too much. The three columns seems to suit the main content, the width being more readable. I must drill down to find out about the text specs, fonts, lines, text sizes and accessibility plus printing (if absolutely necessary!). There's testing on devices too.

Hodges' model - drafting website text
Hodges' model - drafting website text
Just realised the obvious - for the archive the user isn't going to be altering the text. The outline view(?) would be useful - if meaningful.

It is a distraction, I admit, but I have been looking at the possibilities for a timeline:


Hodges' model - drafting website timeline
Hodges' model - drafting website timeline

Clearly, the sidebars have to go. I need to organise some media, in order, as the timeline docs advise - to be better able to tell a story. Speaking of stories, there is the matter of other languages. There is nothing as yet behind the 'language switcher', but this a key facility to include from the start.

There's no url to point to, just localhost... the challenges follow finally backing up (already scheduled - weekly) uploading and updating... This time when I need help I must holler.

Gotta Keep Going...