Hodges' Model: Welcome to the QUAD: August 2006

- learn about the conceptual framework Hodges' model. A tool that can help integrate HEALTH and SOCIAL CARE, INFORMATICS and EDUCATION. The model is situated, facilitates person-centredness, integrated - holistic care and reflective practice. A new site using Drupal is an ongoing aim - the creation of a reflective workbench. Email: h2cmng @ yahoo.co.uk Welcome

Monday, August 28, 2006

Photos & Google Analytics

Now three months since last post! Like they say things get worse, before they get better...

Good excuse of course with summer holidays, lounge and dining room decorated, still more jobs to do especially with the nights getting longer.

I posted on Flickr quite a while ago, finally uploaded some photos inc. some holiday snaps:

This shot was taken at the theme park Puy Du Fou, just SE of Nantes. The night spectacular was indeed superb and a nice contrast to the usual theme park fare, running through the history of the people of the Vendee. Over a thousand actors contributed to the show, the stage huge, the night 28 July star-lit clear from the start 10.30pm to 00.30am.

On the site - AddfreeStats has been really useful for many years, but I've taken the plunge with Google Analytics. Short on details about the pages that people are visiting, look forward to reading the reports.

In 2003 I started reading some of the translated books by Michel Serres, a French philosopher. It's a concentrated read, constantly going back and re-reading, but the way Serres' approach marries with Hodges model is amazing. I had to write and now what a saga. You see, the paper sort of wrote itself, so there was no audience in mind and it shows. After several rejections more to follow on this.

Bye for now...